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Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental insurance is used to cover costs not covered by primary health insurance, auto insurance, life insurance or homeowners insurance policies.

Types of coverage can vary according to different regions, such as areas likely to experience hurricanes or tornadoes. A supplemental policy can provide benefits for homeowners who are affected by radon gas but who also do not have sufficient coverage from their health or homeowners insurance. A primary policy will provide benefits up to the limits of the policy. Any additional costs must be paid by the person who receives the services such as for radiation treatments or for prescription medications.

Some people may want a cancer policy. If a primary policy does not include sufficient amounts of coverage for cancer treatments, then a supplemental policy could be used for additional coverage for treatment.  Supplemental health insurance is also beneficial if a person has been injured in an auto accident and needs to have medical care that will exceed the limits of an auto policy.

The primary policy can be used until the limits of that policy have been reached. Then the supplemental policy kicks in to cover additional costs, such as for repairing a swimming pool that was damaged by a tornado or a hurricane. There are also supplemental policies for travelers who could be injured on a cruise ship or during a commercial flight. When a person is several thousand miles away from his or her home, the costs for an injury can include other costs such as for a temporary hotel stay.

The advantages of supplemental insurance policies are many. The varied coverages can provide additional peace of mind for you and your family that you are adequately protected, come what may.